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Thanks everyone It's nice to come in here and have people understand what you're going through and not criticize it.

jdoggmartin: I definately understand what you mean about chemistry, lol. It's not my favortie subject, but for Vet tech I only had to take one semester and that's it. lucky me So you're in Ag journalism? How do you like that?

Kim in NJ: thanks for the advice I'm going to really try my best to do well, and stick with this program. I'm really determined this time to lose weight, so I think that's really what's getting me motivated. So how old is your baby?

Theo'sgirl: thank you How do you like being a vet tech? I have days when I wonder if this is the right thing for me, but I think I love animals too much to do anything else :-p

Spedmom: Thanks for the encouraging words I have been coming here for my daily doses, lol
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