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Originally Posted by jonimenz View Post
Well day three and all is well. I find I am not hungry after supper and didn't eat snack after supper yesterday and today didn't have dessert and one meal replacement. When I tried eating some crispy o's last night it kind of made me gag; not from the taste, but my body was just refusing. I also am eating more salads than the recommended 2 cups, but I really love crunching on veggies and salads for lunch and supper. Are you guys tweaking things too? I just hope it is not going to affect my success.
I am totally tweaking things in regard to veggies/protein. I figure an extra cup of greens won't hurt or a few extra ounces of chicken. I feel that we need to do whatever we can to stay on track.

I am FAR from an expert about this diet, but I would say you should try to eat every 2 to 3 hours to keep your metabolism up and to assure your body that you are not starving which will cause you to store up the fat.

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