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Hi Spygirl. I agree with my friend Star......Atkins is a way of eating and re-engineering your mind and your body. First you must understand the various stages of Atkins. The first is induction. This is the stage where the greatest weight loss will take place. The book is VERY specific on what you can have in unlimited (but within normal) quantities and what to avoid. Its a no brainer really.....avoid starch and sugar and anything white refined. So basically all your breads, pasta, rice, starchy veggies and any sugar or sweet. I guess a way to look at it is NOT to think what you can't have BUT ALL THE THINGS YOU CAN HAVE!!!

Some Atkins followers even go so far as to count the half points of carbs and all the carbs they eat to make sure they are under the limit of the rule of induction.....20 carbs per day. I don't count as the book guides you to use your head and eat when you are hungry and with unlimited amounts of all meats and fish(pure and right off the bird) ....all cheeses (hard and cheddar).....all eggs. 2 cups of veggies are a must. Cream is accepted as is whipping cream but not any other dairy....milk is a no no.

It is really up to you how long you stay on induction and lose the weight you want. One month.....6 months.....or 1 yr, I guess it depends how much you want to lose. Any other stage of Atkins doesn't have quite the weight loss as induction but it does allow you to slowly add back some of the fruit and other vegetables and whole grain foods. It is a slow process to find in 5 carb increments where your limit is that you can have extra carbs (over and above the 20 carb limit) but that you also still lose some weight. This second phase is called OWL....on going weight loss. Most people go onto this one when you have only a little amount to lose because it comes off MUCH slower. Then after this stage is maintenance. I'm not too familiar with this one as I'm still on induction but have read up on OWL.

My advice to you would be.......
-First buy the book "The diet revolution" and read it not once but at least 2 or 3 times.
-Surf the sites and get some good recipies. Dana Carpender makes several great recipie books as does Dr. Atkins.
-Have a good support system.....coming here is great as is doing it with some friends or your hubby.
-Start some kind of excercise plan. Hate to excercise? then don't look at it like that.....walking is one of the best things you can do for your body. Look around where you might even notice the first buds of spring.....a new neighbour......whatever! The point is head up and take in the sights.
-Read labels. You will surprize yourself with what the nutrition labels say. sugar also comes in a variety of names....fructose, inverted sugar, corn syrup, maltose....get familiar with all the substitutes. Splenda is allowed.
-Stay away from the so called low carb products. Sugar alcohol is not your friend and all low carb products are not the same. The book strictly says no for a reason.
- Don't set yourself up for failure. Shop the legal foods, don't have the sweets/breads in the house for you to be tempted. Success is one day at a time. Don't be overwhelmed saying....I can't lose 50 lbs. Break them down into do-able goals and then add a bit more time into them. You might have some weeks where you maintain and plateau. Don't give up, its just your body re-adjusting.
-Take a before and after picture. And mark down your body measurements. You will be surprized just how much in inches you will lose. On the weeks where I don't lose pounds, I lose in inches.

phew.....I'll get off my soapbox now!! I didn't plan on re-writing the book, but in a way I should thank YOU!! Writing this post re-affirmed my committment to atkins and boosted my positive attitude towards how well I'm doing and how easy the plan is. Well I've written enough now, and its time for my bacon and egg breakfast with portobello mushrooms fried in butter!!! Good luck and hope to see you on the Atkins board. Post often and get involved....we are here to help and support you. In doing so we motivate and support ourselves. Who a few months, maybe you'll write a post like this to help another newbie. see ya

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