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Originally Posted by zephyr1973 View Post
I know for me, I have begun to clean out my closet, and things I kept for "just in case I gain weight", I am actually donating. Part of my weight issue comes from giving myself permission to gain weight simply by the act of keeping "fat clothes". I'm done with that.

I've also really appreciated my new body - it's the one I had when I married my husband 8.5 years ago. I can get into the "skinny clothes" I had stored in a box. I feel better - I have more energy. I can get into my custom tall boots again! I can take up offers to cap with local hunts in MD and VA! I no longer dread people judging what my weight is doing to a horse's back!

I have gained too much to allow myself to return to the way I allowed myself to become. Some things are just worth fighting for - weight loss is a lifetime goal - it never ends. Some days/weeks/years will be better than others. I accept that I will "fail" from time to time, but I have set a 5 lb weight gain limit. If I gain five pounds, I will do a re-start. I have to do this, or I will not have any clothing to wear - and its illegal to be naked in public, and I have a deep aversion to jail!
I agree! I like your comment! As individuals we all have to make choices for ourselves and no one is perfect but we can certainly keep trying and not feel like we are failing if we put on a couple lbs. In one of IPs information sheets it did say that gaining 7lbs in a year is normal. But, you need to stay on it to make sure it doesn't get out of control again. I think 5lbs is a great amount to realize that a person has to get back on track and not let yourself go to where you were. This plan has made me realize how much better feeling great is than feeling tired, and uncomfortable in my own skin. Health is my priority now, not food!
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