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I spent most of my life believing that overeating had psychological roots. I read self help books, I spent years soul-searching, I sought therapy.... I even got my BA and MA in psychology largely to "figure myself out." What was I missing?

Decades later, I was as overweight as ever. Only in the last fifteen yeats or so (after more than 25 years of searching) did I start to consider the possibility that maybe there was absolutely nothing wrong with me except my food environment and the choices I made in it.

It's hard to change habits that have been with you nearly from birth, but I succeeded enough to first stop gaining, and eventually start losing.

The book that really changed my life, convincing me that I truly was not somehow emotionally "broken" was David Kessler's book, The End of Overeating.

I began to see that if I avoided certain types of food, I didn't need willpower to lose weight. And ironically, I discovered that the emotional instability I thought CAUSED me to overweight were actually the RESULT of what I was eating.

I was not eating an excess of carby foods because of my emotions; I was overly emotional because of the excess of carby foods. And not only was the unbalanced diet making me emotionally sick, it was making me physically sick as well.

I'm not saying emotions can't drive hunger, but I do believe that a physiological explanation should be ruled out before assuming an emotional one.

Consider trying a moderately low carb, whole food diet with no (or nearly no) grains, lean proteins, and plenty of veggies and a little fruit. See if it doesn't help physically and mentally. If reducing carbs helps, but doesn't resolve all issues, cut carbs a little more until you find your ideal diet.

If changing WHAT you eat doesn't help, then I think it's reasonable to consider WHY, but I wasted 2/3 of my life asking the wrong question.
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