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Hi Turtles,
The new option at WW's looks very doable. It is a Simply Filling idea---with 7 points plus of indulgences daily if you want them. I am not going to try that program yet since it allows lite bread and I'm not eating bread right now. However, I can totally see this new plan when I get fed up with what I am doing and want to make a switch. In my mind, this is something I could lose weight on.

Princess, I am sorry about your neck. You have had to deal with that a lot, so I'm sending healing vibes that you feel well and can get back to
that won't hurt you.

As far as a low point/filling snack.....................gosh, I am trying to stay away from sugary things. I will eat 2 Clementines and it's not as though I think they are so filling, but they take a time to peel and eat and then the craving passes. Also..............and this will sound crazy............but I cooked up a batch of chicken drumsticks and the protein does fill me in. So you may very well catch me eating a drumstick at nine o'clock at night. Also, I keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge. The protein holds me much better than anything else including something with fiber.

Sending : to all the Turtles. Keep on keepin' on. We can do this.
Life gets in the way more often than not, but we know what to do and how to do it. Onward and downward.

My WW WI is tomorrow and I'm hoping to be down 1/2#. I'll let you know.
234.6/195/180's and thinner
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