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Originally Posted by 0ojoyo0 View Post
Day 2 of reboot and I feel like crap. There's just no other way to put it. Yesterday around 2pm I got really nauseous and shaky and dizzy, and then I got a terrible migraine. I was white-knuckling the steering wheel for my entire 40 min drive home from work and almost had to pull over a few times to throw up. It was difficult to eat dinner because of the nausea, but I knew that I would feel better once I ate - It took about 30 min, but I did feel better for the most part. I still have that lingering migraine, though.

I meant to go to the grocery store after work yesterday to pick up some fresh veggies, but due to the wanting to crawl out of my skin, that didn't happen. So I ate what I had on hand for dinner - sugar snap peas, which I know are a no-no. I'm hoping that didn't set me back too badly.

I don't remember feeling this bad the first time around and I'm not sure I would've made it past day 1 if I did. But I know this is temporory, so I WILL stick to it. I'm determined to get the rest of the weight off this time. Can't wait for ketosis.

Sorry for the negativity. I know it'll get better and reading about everyone's success keeps me motivated.
Knowing you have such an upfront reaction is surely scarey and a bit discerning. May I suggest if you are driving, you add an extra drink packet for the next few days...and drink it in the hour prior to your drive? Stay safe! Be careful until you adjust.
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