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Congrats on the 2.25 pounds loss.

Hopefully the cars will not be to expensive to repair. Thanks for adding me to MFP. Daddy always taught me to start the car and let it run even if I don't use it. Keeps every thing going. But with the frigid temperatures you have been having don't think any thing could have saved that from happening.

Best wishes for Sissy's doctor's appointment. I think we will all be ready for Spring this year. MFP is my fitness pal. Several of us are going to log our food there.

Sad news for your friend. And yes I was off yesterday. I slept most of the day due to a migraine. I try to fight things like this by not taking any meds but I ended up taking something at midnight. I went back to sleep and this morning up with only a mild headache. I'll take some more in a few minutes.
Think this was due to all the stress this week at work.

I didn't log anything yesterday and I've started off in my old pattern of anything goes. but will log every thing else I eat today. No exercise yesterday either due to the migraine. I did wake up long enough to go pick up my pay check and even the boss mentioned that I looked sick. They remember my migraine that sent me to the ER from work.
I need to get some things ready to take back to Walmart that I can't use.
It's raining today. Rather have the rain than the frozen precipitation any day.
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