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Yes you can do it. I wonder how many hours there are between the meals though.

I have done it on a buddhist monastery for a month on one occasion and twice on a 10 day retreat. But it will require a fair of self discipline.

In real life, if you find you get really hungry between your meals, eat two or three pieces of fruit all at once. This is close to what we did during the 10 day retreat.

Here's what i would eat... Bear in mind that i was sitting for a fair bit of the day but i also walked quite a bit along the tracks between sessions. I can tell you i didn't get hungry and i was losing weight. I felt great.

it was a while ago but this is how i remember what i ate

Breakfast was porridge with stewed prunes, full cream milk, no sugar. I personally didn't eat any toast or jams peanut butter or things like that. but you want to have a decent sized breakfast. I would have tea with milk since we didn't have coffee available. Sometimes i would have a small serve of yoghurt as well. Sometimes i might have some fresh fruit instead of prunes.

Lunch was a very big diverse nutritious healthy meal. It came with dessert which i avoided the first time and opted for the second time. But on the monastery we always had a lot of desserts so i would sample all of them. With just one modest dessert, you can still lose weight doing this.

Lunch at the retreat centre would include salad, a bit of fruit, all vegetarian hot food with lots of veggies and pasta/rice/potatoes. Seeds were often included or available on the sides to sprinkle over the dishes. So eat to be comfortable and healthy but don't stuff yourself stupid. And if you have dessert, just have one very small portion, otherwise you might find yourself, as i did eating more and more sweets every day.

If you ever want to experience this in a setting like i did, go to a vipassana meditation centre for a retreat. They are all over the world.

our lunchtime meal was eaten before midday. For first timers you get three pieces of fruit at 5pm but "old hands" had nothing but ginger and lemon tea of an evening. They could put honey in it but i made do honey.

I generally found i didn't suffer much from hunger. The little bit of hunger i had was quite easily managed. I think this is because my calorie restriction was not severe. The more calorie restriction you opt for, the harder it will be to avoid hunger. Drink water. Even a cup of coffee with milk can give you just enough calories to carry you through without causing much temptation.

Also yes, join the intermittent fasting support thread.
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