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Wow, it HAS been a long time! and i'm so sorry to read about your trials and tribulations, but congrats on becoming an RD. now, if you'd specialize in WLS, we'd ALL be happy! right off the bat, there are very few RDs who really and truly understand what's involved with any of the surgeries.

So, now back to you. I have hypothyroidism, but that's light years away from what you're dealing with. My suggestion [and I'm not sure you'll like it] is to make sure you're cancer free and on track with your thyroid BEFORE the surgery. rapid weight loss WILL affect your thyroid meds, so let's be sure you're stable before going into this.

the next thing is - after the gastric bypass especially - food becomes DIFFERENT. head hunger aside [a completely separate issue], you're really not hungry. foods you liked - maybe even craved - before surgery are just not appetizing afterwards.

HAving said that, dealing wiht your food issues NOW - even if you decide not to have surgery - will only help you. are you looking at what you eat and why? [notice i didn't say anything about changing your eating right now - it's enough to simply look at what you're doing and understand what's going on].

it's interesting that you're looking at one malabsorption procedure [the gastric bypass and one restriction-only procedure [the sleeve]. What does your doctor think? will Kaiser cover more than one surgery? it's possible to start with the sleeve and then have the malabsorption component added later if you're not getting the results that you need.

we're here for you, darlin. no matter what you decide. But please, think about dropping the self-shaming. you have real physical issues completely out of your control. NO ONE should work on changing habits out of shame or self-hate, but rather because of self-love and kindness.

yeah, i'm starting a campaign on this.
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