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Good morning ladies,

The past few weeks have been such a whirlwind with moving into D's house, the holidays, the various jobs starting and ending, and the trip to Southern Cal for my niece's wedding. I'm really looking forward to settling into a routine.

My first day as a "real" employee at the San Jose job was wonderful. I found a few major issues with the website and am now working on resolving them, so my manager is pleased with that. It is great to be able to sleep in until 7, and it was even better to be home by 5:45 (after picking Santa up from day care)! Today, I'm going to go to the grocery store on the way home from work so I can prepare some healthy items for breakfasts and lunches. In addition to lunch, I normally eat breakfast at work as it's just easier to quickly get ready and get out the door with Santa rather than take him outside to do his business and then come back in and get ready.

I've turned in all my benefits paperwork. The medical insurance takes effect immediately, while the dental insurance takes effect on February 1st.

Shad - That's got to be awful to have a leaky roof right over your mattress. Those don't dry out easily and may smell damp and mildewey. Yuck. I hope the landlady gets the roof repaired and the mattress replaced soon.

Happy - I don't miss the double-digit below zero temps one bit. I hope you don't have to go to the thrift shop today. They should just close it...I mean how many customers are going to be out in the cold. From what my friends in Milwaukee are saying on Facebook, very few are venturing out in this bitter cold, and it's warmer there than where you are. I'm so glad that your vertigo has eased up!! What was the procedure they did? I love Maggie Smith. I'm going to have to jump on the Downton Abbey bandwagon...I'll have to do a marathon of previous seasons to catch up.

Laura - I'm glad you're able to work from home. I don't envy you the PITA project, but working from home is better than braving the elements. A friend of mine who lives in Chicago said it was so cold there, that the Lincoln Park Zoo aren't even letting the polar bears out in the cold. I hope you stay warm. I remember taking Santa out in the winter and it being so cold that my face would go numb even if I had a scarf. The Midwest is truly having a worse winter than any I endured in my 12 years there. Here people are bundled up in the early morning hours wearing winter hats, coats and scarves and it's 45 degrees. I still have only worn a light jacket a few times...mostly when I walk the dog at 9 or 10 pm in my jammies and sweatpants. Your cruise sounds lovely. I think I might've missed where your cruise is too. Speaking of warm step-brother made it to Belize, and the trip only took him 5 days. He had a couple flat tires in Mexico because the roads were bad, and he'd never seen so much poverty as he did in Mexico. He was really saddened by it. My step-mother and I are very relieved that he arrived safely and is now able to start this new chapter of his life.

Susie - So nice that you were able to have a personal chef, and the arrangement worked out for your friend as well. D is a very good chef, but our schedules are very different and he works most evenings. I took 4 years of Spanish in high school and used to be fluent. I had the opportunity to converse with some people from Argentina last summer and was able to do fairly well despite having forgotten a lot. I'm impressed you're doing a 1/2 marathon. Because of my back, I have difficult walking for more than 10 minutes, but I'm trying to slowly, gradually increase that. Sad that your Bengals are now out of the playoffs as are my Packers, but you're right, there's always next year.

Annie - I was so worried for you, C and Sassy with the power outage. I hope the power stays on today. I was also worried for your DD and her family, and your DS. I hope they are ok too. I hope your back pain eases up.

Ceejay - I hope you're doing well.

well, I've got lots of stuff to do, so I'd better get to it.

Much love to all,

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