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Is that what you guys are doing, or do mean something else by fasting.
I figure this thread IS our support forum. When I first started IF, there were different people in this thread and a bit more active from what I can see. I do two forms of fasting. I always go for fasting windows. I eat from 8pm-5am. If I have to, I will change up the windows. Like today I was busy from 8 to 4:40 am. Therefore, I opened it up to 6 today. I also do the other form of fasting 5:2. That means I eat 500-800 calories two times a week. Although some weeks I am totally UMPH on 5:2, other weeks, like this week, I don't really feel like it. But I am still within calorie range during my eating windows. That works for me.

So what do I do for fasting? I make a batch of sweet green tea and drink throughout a 5:2 fast. I'd also treat myself with a 10 cal monster or 10 cal FUZE drink. It makes me excited for fasts. It's silly but I figure it's my treat for waiting till later to eat less. Honestly after the first few fasts/week, it's quite okay. I don't do full 24 hour fasts. I also figured out with my work schedule that I shouldn't fast on my 12 hour shifts. That's just a personal preference.

I chose eating windows because of my 12 hour shifts. WHen I was eating regular ways, I would spend SO much time eating that it would make me panic on how to eat low cal/low point enough to be "full" throughout the day. Whereas if I just wait till later, it doesn't bother me till I "open my stomach."
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