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Hi, i'm sorry i haven't the patience to read through long thread but i can follow it from now on.

Can you tell me, is there a fasting tips thread?

And what do the ratios mean. I mean the 18:? something you put in your first post shrinking student. I know what 5:2 means but i'm sorry i can't remember now what number you wrote and i haven't a clue what it means except 18 days not fasting and another number for days of fasting.

I am intending to fast one day per week. I think that's more than enough for me to cope with. I did my first fast a few days ago. Pure water only. Is that what you guys are doing, or do mean something else by fasting.

Between fast days i'm starting off slowly with calorie restrictions. Its more important for me to avoid binging on junk food and to eat properly than to lose weight quickly.
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