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Originally Posted by kaarin View Post
I got on the scale this morning and I am down 4 lbs since Thursday, which is great! I know this is a lot of water loss but I am on track for over 5 lbs in my first week. After that I'll be satisfied with 2 lbs per week.
The weekend has been a little tough. Not with food, but that darn wine. You guys are going to think I'm a real heavy drinker but there is no question that I relate a glass of wine with relaxing.
Yesterday was "take down Christmas" day. I worked my butt off packing everything away and then house cleaning. My diet day had been going really well until about 4:00, but then I was done my work and had 2 glasses of wine while reading my book.
My calorie count for the day was almost 1500 I'm hoping that the extra physical activity in the afternoon was enough to cover the extra.
Today I'm going to start a fitness regime. I got an xbox 360 with kinect for Christmas so its time to start using it!
No one has replied with any favourite recipe websites. I found some good recipes right here on 3FC, but would like to explore some more.
Have a great Sunday everyone!
I wonder if you can just plan on allowing yourself a glass of wine each night? I don't know the calories on it but I'm the same with desserts. I must have dessert at night! So I just cut elsewhere to have the dessert each night. If you constantly feel like you are being deprived, you might give up. The best thing to do with the the wine (or anything we feel we must have) is to not do something while enjoying it. Just sit and drink the wine and enjoy it. You know how it is when you watch TV or do something while eating... at least with me ... 10x as much will be gone because you aren't thinking. So drink your wine and thoroughly enjoy it while doing nothing else. It is very hard to do! I've been trying. Normally I'm on my ipad during breakfast or the TV is on. If you are only eating or drinking you will be ready for it to end because we all multi-task so much.

As far as websites, I don't have any good suggestions but what I did was bought a crock pot book called which has lower calorie options. I have found several things in there and on Sundays I make 2 meals in both of my crock pots. Then during the week they are ready to go - just heat them up! It makes it so much easier. It is just DH and I at home now - well, my DD goes back to college in two weeks so then it will just be the two of us. With her here, I can't repeat the meals as much as I do with just us!

Good luck!

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