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Congrats on the commitment to re-focus!

One of the benefits of this time of year is that the web is FILLED with "10 easy recipes for this, that or the other thing". There are some sites which will give you meal ideas just by letting it know what ingredients you have on here.

I would echo an earlier comment about tracking calories... I figured it would help, and it did... tremendously. The biggest thing I learned was that I was eating far too little... sometimes as few as 1200 cals a day.

There are several sites that do an excellent job of tracking calories using huge databases of food items. Not sure if mentioning other sites is kosher or not, but they're easy enough to find with a quick search.

My dietitian got me on board and has me up to 1800 cals a day and my trainer has me on a regimen as well. Both have said that 80% of weightloss is in the kitchen.

Anyway, best of luck - it's a heck of a climb, but doable.

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