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Default So what are you doing differently this time?

I'll start!

1. I have a reasonable goal: 5.5 lbs every month = 66 lbs by December 2014. I had always been reluctant to give myself mini goals. 5.5 seems easy especially at the beginning, but there are months that losing one lb is a big victory.

2.. I bought a treadmill. My former gym was far away and some days even if I wanted to exercise, the idea of the trip to the gym watered me down.

3. I allow myself a few treats weekly. My cravings don't help when I lose motivation. I jump on everything I've craved and avoided as soon as disappointment sets in. So I've decided I'm not going to deprive myself anymore.

4. I'm staying away from forums' competition and challenges. I have a tendency to fast/over exercise just to log great results in. Now I prefer to focus on form.

HOW about you?
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