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Originally Posted by SparklyBunny View Post
I've noticed this interesting phenomenon in couple of people in my life. They've both gotten wider from the waist, which doesn't bother me as such, but it is a health hazard and they have both asked me for tips in dieting. When I start to talk about it and ask what they eat, they both claim to eat healthy foods. Yet, when I observe them, they pretty much hoover all the food around them constantly. If it's there, they'll eat it, even though they said before that they're not hungry or don't need anything. I'm not sure if they're aware of what they're doing.
In a way, this kind of sounds like my parents. My mom has this mentality that if something is on sale or if she has a coupon for it (i.e. B1G1 ice cream or cookies or chocolate, etc.) she has to buy it. Both her and my dad are overweight, and it scares me because they both have sleep apnea. Both have shared that they want to lose the weight, but won't really do much about it. For example, I went to the cubbord to get something, and I noticed a package of Oreo Megastuffed cookies that weren't there before... I didn't buy them, and I knew my brother didn't either. Come to find out, my dad bought them and hid them there. He had 3 with a cup of coffee yesterday morning, basically as a "pre-breakfast" snack or something.

I just started doing Ideal Protein in October, because I was just as big as them. Since then, I have dropped a little more than 30 pounds, and I was hoping that since they've seen my success with this, that they would try it too. But, no such luck. My mom has said that after the holidays were over, she was going to get on the treadmill and change her eating habits. We'll have to wait and see on that... If only they would cut out the bread, pasta, sweets and soda, their health would improve, they wouldn't need all of those medications or would be forced to a CPAP machine for the rest of their lives. I've gotten to the point where I don't know what to do anymore, since they haven't taken anything I've tried to tell them to heart, and I've been trying to for years... :/
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