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Originally Posted by Mom2Carter View Post
Welcome back! I wanted to share that I found this cool new app called Meal Logger. I use it to simply take a picture of everything I eat and write a quick description. Sort of like the food journal I did the first time around on paper. it definitely helps to quickly see what I am eating that day and isn't nearly as tedious as MyFitnessPal.

Here's to new motivation in Round 2! we restarters know how it can come it's our time to never let that happen again and do right this time.
Mom2Carter - thanks for the app referral, I'm going to check it out. Since rebooting on 12/26 I have been terrible at recording food in my journal. It's a challenge throughout the day and I also feel like I'm OP so why record? But, I understand how helpful it is when I do need to go back and reflect not to mention, my coach comes down on me for not journaling so, my goal is to be better about it. This app will be helpful.

Originally Posted by jmanovich View Post
UGH. I suck. I just had a couple handfuls of pita chips, some beef jerky and some sugar free ice cream...why do I do that?!??!?! It is so not worth the guilt after. Tomorrow I will be stronger than the cravings in the evenings!!!!!!!!!!! So much for ketosis for another few days!!
jmanovich - I know, it's so hard to reboot but YOU CAN DO THIS! We can all do this. I know you are disappointed in yourself but I hope you are able to pick yourself up, brush it off and move forward. Just keep in mind that if you wait any longer (with every day that passes that you are not OP) could be an extra lb of weight and you do not want that so, try again and set mini (manageable) goals for yourself. Also, be good to yourself - no negative self talk, that only makes things worse.

Question for All:

Are any of you addicted to stevia or any of the sugar substitutes like myself? I really need to be more proactive in kicking my habit of adding a pack every time I drink something hot (coffee or tea). I've read that I should not have more than 2 pkts of Stevia a day, or else it turns to sugar in the system. Can anyone confirm? I need to start weening myself off of it altogether but not sure if that's going to happen. But, it's either kick the stevia or, be okay with a slower weight loss, right?

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