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Good Morning, Coaches.

I had a great day puttering. Didn't leave the house in honor of my lingering head cold. Planned food menu for the month in honor of Frugal January! We have lots of freezer meat from the pig we bought at the FFA auction. I made shopping list of recipe incidentals I'll need but I can postpone shopping until next week. Heaven to be home. Today's plan is to dig out the office, write thank you notes and send the last of the Xmas cards ( maybe they are new year's cards now.)

Yesterday was OP. Scale a pound down which feels great. Food in FP. My body does love a routine.

Pamatga and ForMyGirls: Both of you experienced a huge awareness - the insidiousness of an addictive mind. My mind will let me spend three hours on "thinking" about solutions rather than taking action AND my mind mind will slip food thoughts into sheer joy in order for me to focus once again on food. Credit for your insights.

Ceejay: Big credit for three days. That is a big deal.

BethFromDayton: Ironically, I was just searching for a "breakfast casserole.' What does yours have in it? Credit for your determination to record. It is really the secret to success, I believe.

Seadwaters: Thanks for the book reference.

BBE: corn, soy, peanuts, artificial sweetener, gluten, eggs, dairy. The first four she recommends never putting back into your diet.

Welcome Moebug.
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