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I am finally becoming someone that does not jump when people tell me to jump. Usually when my mother comes to town the time frame is set for me to see her around what my sister's schedule is and I usually just rearrange my families schedule to see my mother. In the past however the plans we make with her tend to be cancelled by her. So she called me and wanted to set up a time to see her and we set up Tuesday New Years Eve and had lunch plans. My daughter took work off and so did I and she cancelled, nothing new to us. Although my daughter was upset and crying I told her she will not ruin our day. Then my mother asked if we could do dinner on Thursday and I told her it would be around 7 due to me going to gym and my husband working until 6-630 and she texted and asked if we could go earlier and I told her this is the time that works for us thats what happens when your working around work schedules. She told me I was being silly and cancelled plans with us. Then I told her I would not dissapoint my children and she would have to tell them and she did. My kids were dissapointed again, and then she texted me and asked if I wanted to do lunch on Friday (today) and I told her my schedule for the day and I said we'll see. Then she called me at 8am this morning and wanted to know my plans and I said that I'm not going to do this anymore she has cancelled on us 2 x's now and she will not hurt me or my children anymore. I told her I'm not discussing this anymore due to her wanting me to get angry on the phone and start fighting that is what usually happens. Then I'm the bad guy and the disrespectful one. I'm not that person anymore.
Then she texted me and told me that I hurt her and I said that I'm not going to let her hurt my children and I anymore. I went to the gym and ate a good lunch and I have to be ok. I'm not going to be treated like a piece of trash anymore.
Her mother treated her badly and my dad would tell her to leave my mother alone and not call our hourse when I was growing up. I feel she thinks she can treat me the same way and I will not let that happen anymore.
I was going to go see her due to a family wedding in October but oh well we will see what happens. She flies home today and hopefully she won't come back now for a long time. I know this seems harsh but she just dissapoints my children and me and makes promises and doesnt keep them. I am saying enough is enough.
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