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Default An Enthusiastic But Nervous Newbie

That's the way I feel. Today is Day 2 for me. Due to product availability, etc, I went in for a weigh-in today. Much to my surprise, after 1.5 days on IP, I'd lost over 6 pounds... and 4+ were FAT!
I don't know how that happened, but I'm thrilled!

Even my coach seemed really surprised.

I realize this was unusual success this week, and that weight loss won't continue at this pace (most likely, but I can hope!), so I'm nervous about what might happen or not happen.

I'm a 56-year-old woman in Texas. I'm in good health, no problems, thank goodness. I'm heavier than I've ever been. Well, as of today, I'm not!

I've tried many diets. I guess they all worked to some degree, but not completely.

Fat-free: worked pretty well, in combination with exercise. That was probably 15-20 years ago.
Fit for Life: nah. No weight loss.
Atkins: Didn't lose that much weight (perhaps 9 pounds?), but I lost a third of my hair. I'm scared that will happen on IP too. I take lots of supplements. Atkins felt like the White Trash diet to me and I craved oatmeal.
I'm not naturally much of a meat eater, and honestly, not a big simple carb eater either. I ate quinoa and amaranth and barley before it was fashionable.
Worked out 5x a week last year, and just maintained. Didn't lose. Even had a trainer.
HCG: Lost 25 pounds 3 years ago or so. Eventually gained it back.
Tried it again this year, got so worn out and my blood sugar went crazy low. Just couldn't handle it, and wasn't losing the way that I had before.
Fast Metabolism Diet: Good diet, makes sense, but was just too complicated for me at that point, changing what you eat every 2 days.

So, here I am at Ideal Protein, after a friend has lost 80 pounds in 6 months, without hunger.

Yesterday and last night, I had fatigue and intermittent chills. Today, just a bit earlier in the day. Tonight I seemed quite energetic.

If there's anything you wish you'd known in the beginning, what would it be?
What's the most frequently made newbie mistake?
Any tips for success?

Thanks for all of your sharing!
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