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Well the farmer men have begged off and gone to bed well before the midnight hour. DH would have stayed up had I forced him but there is nothing on TV and nothing much to keep him awake so I told him to just go to bed. This will be a quiet new year. Nothing wrong with that.

Michelle - here's the book - I got it at Amazon. You might be able to get it cheaper using one of their other book sellers but I like using my Prime membership - at least I know it's coming in 2 days.

It's a spiral bound book- has a quote on top for each day. There's not a lot of room to log things in - if you write small you'll be ok. Think about those spiral bound flat office calendars where you'd write meetings in from 7am to 6pm - small boxes but workable. You have a place to record 3 meals and 2 snacks and tally points or calories. There's a notes section for exercise and if you met your goals for the day. Also a tiny spot for success of the day - great to end the day on a positive note. Then there's a weekly wrap up which is nice - answer some questions about glitches and successes for the week. This is a companion guide to her first log which was for workouts - so more landscape is given to food over exercising. This will work for any program you choose - whether you are tracking exchanges, points or calories. There are several journals on Amazon but of course they don't show you the details because then some enterprising person would copy the log and not buy the book. This log runs for 26 weeks. So far it looks decent except I wish it was top spiral bound for lefties.

I looked at the WW program - they have a 2 week kick start which utilizes foods from one of their existing programs. I don't really see much new with them and I'm really leaning to just using FitPal or something and tracking calories. Although I hate tracking calories even more than I hate tracking points. I really liked the original WW exchange system. What I really need is a discipline pill. But with many of you committed to a fresh start, hopefully we can all support each other to becoming more fit and healthy in the new year.

So Michelle are you going to take the plunge and get a new style to go with your new CA life? You can't have WI hair in sunny CA you know Come on, the first cut is the hardest and it's just hair - it will grow back. You look like you have a nice wave in your hair so you could probably do some fun stuff.

I put 2 bottles of wine between the outside storm door and the laundry room entrance door. There were there about 2 hours. Went to get them and they were frozen solid. Guess negative 20 degrees will freeze anything. I do have Malibu rum, amaretto and some flavored vodkas but I just ain't feeling the drink now so that's probably a good thing.

With that I'll log off and go check out the Kathy Lee and Hoda 2013 year in review I recorded earlier.

Happy New Year to All the Chicks.
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