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Hi chicks,
Thanks for setting up the new thread Shad. S is just the prettiest chick of all. A real beaut! I see she is helping you get your steps in for the day. Good girl!

What lovely pictures of the beach. As we sit here quite cold what I wouldn't give to be sitting on a beach. And a not so crowded one at that. Enjoy some for me too please.

I did get some butchering practice in. Bought a whole beef tenderloin and with an expert YouTube chef and a laptop on the counter, we were able to cut the thing down and not ruin it. It was a joint project between DH and I. Because of thyroid issues my hands get super cold very quickly. The meat was very cold - I had it sitting in a cold pack outside and I made the first couple of cuts and then my fingers were freezing. DH had to help do the trimming and the cutting of the filet steaks. I did wind up with a petite roast, 8 filets (on the smaller side) and 2 pounds of stew beef. We selected filets for our dinner, froze the rest along with the petite filet and I will make the stew this week in the crock pot. We pan fried the steaks - DH wrapped his in bacon and they were heavenly melt in your mouth. It was a nice dinner. Since I stayed off the computer I was able to get a closet sorted out, trim up the beef and get supper going, got several loads of laundry done, set aside some clothes for donations and cleaned up 2 hot spots with papers I kept intending to sift through. And my neck is only a tiny bit sore - huge difference from the last few days. And I feel like I accomplished something good.

I have 2 bottles of wine chilling between the outside door and the screen door. Am going to take a shower and then open the wine and then go check out Weight Watchers new plan - at least I think they have a new plan. I hope that new plan includes wine. If not I'll have to finish both bottles tonight I also picked up a diet and exercise log which has some good tips I want to browse through. Not much on TV that excites me - surely won't be watching Justin Beiber or Mariah Carey count the new year down. I'd rather have the cats sing to me.

Anyway Happy New Year to all the chicks. Let it be a good one for all of us in all sorts of ways. And Susie - we are glad to have you on board on this journey.
Why torture yourself, when life will do it for you? Be the best you can be today - be mindful with your choices. aa

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