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Height: 5" 5.5


Day 10

Weighed 226.2

B: Bagel thin, 1 tbsp cream cheese, tea w/honey, clementine
L: Grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, lima beans, green beans, 100 Cal Pk cookies
D: 1 bagel thin w/ 4 slices Hillshire farm ham, baby greens, 1 tsp sal dressing, 1/2 C Progresso Soup, 1 WW mini bar
S: peppermints, 1 shot pineapple rum
No workouts - will start back tomorrow. Getting over a cold.

Mini Goals - Lose 10% of my weight:
Reach Onederland:
Jiggle Free Abs:
Reach 50 Pound Loss Mark:
Comfortably Fit a Size 12:
A for every 5 pounds lost:

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