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Default 4 oz of uncooked meat

after going over the plan, im kind of nervous about the protein being so small for my lean and green, mf was 6 oz of cooked protein and ws is 4 oz of uncooked protein...I so hope that fills me up, I don't want to deviate from the diet because I ordered exactly like the plan, but was wondering does anyone only eat one wonderslim meal and hold the shake with the meal and add the extra protein for your thinking that having the 1200 calories a day is going to be faster weight loss than mf because mf had your body kind of in starvation mode with having 800 calories a day, sometimes I only got In 700 it all depended on what I ate for my lean and green...yesterday I started mf up, to use up the remainder of my food so I can just slide into wonderslim on jan 3 when it gets here and omg i was starving all day...and trying to get use to drinking all that water again...spent most my time in the bathroom....i know i will be fuller on ws because of the fact you are eating the shake with your meals....i wished i would have placed my order sooner for the wonderslim, i was waiting on a friend who started to see how she liked the food and to see what her loss was, two week down and she lost 10 pounds and she is only like 30 pounds overweight....very excited, i can feel my size 8 coming back on...hubby says if the food is good he is going to go on with me...he did mf and lost fast but he refuses to deal with all the gas that mf gives will be so much easier having hubby on board
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