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Hey Sassy, if your doing an eating window make sure you adjust your calories for the other meals so you still eat your daily amount. It may take a little while to get used to eating later but eventually you get so used to it you don't even feel hungry, today by accident i opened my window 3 hours late after a 30 minute jog/run and didn't even phase me.

On an update for me, keeping up on my jogging 3km every second day and they come in at ~400 calories and I love jogging. Thinking on dropping my eating window back down to 6 hours though as by the time i get back from my run I'm usually not hungry. Managed to keep my weight steady even through the Christmas binge of 3 lunches and a dinner had to occur due to split family.
Not sure how long after taking up running/jogging people may see weightloss but I'm waiting for it as I would like to lose these last few kilos.

Just slowly shedding fat 'til i like what i see.

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