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Hi, I won't b posting on this thread anymore. Looks like its fizzled-out w/o anyone here but the 3 of us. I try to post 2-3x week, but we need more chicks here to keep this thread interesting/supportive.

This November & December have been my most miserable months in my life. Yesterday on Christmas our son from Wisconsin that stayed w us the last 3 days was on his drive to our other sons home 1 hour away; he was in a critical truck accident & is in a hospital 2 hours away from me w a bleed in his brain. We came upon his accident 30 minutes later seeing his truck upside down into a 40' drop-off between the highway lanes, after the jaws of life got him out, loading his body into a ambulance. Scott is alive. "Pray for him please to have a fast & healthy recovery to restore his healthy body & life. He has no wife or kids & we're frightened he will also go into a depression from his life-threatening accident. He doesn't smoke, drink, or drugs; he's the guy every parent wishes their daughter will marry, a kind & wonderful young man that loves life. He is a 'project manager' for a large company & a typeA @ work. His injuries are tearing our family up, I wish I could trade places w my son & to take his pains & injuries if God would let me b in his truck accident on Christmas instead of Scott. It is hard being w him @ the hospital & not show my sadness & worries, he'll forever b my baby boy in my heart, just like his younger brother is.... Our faith in the Lord & trusting the doctors skills & knowledge is all we have to heal our son's brain & body.....

I'll b back by New Year's to say goodbye & then probably look for a few threads w Christian values & also ppl that r near their goal to help me keep on track. I've had a 5# gain the last few months from eating fast-food & carbs, it certainly isn't the season to easily find fresh veggies/fruits to eat to stay healthy. I'm wishing for a fast-food restaurant that has a mostly vegetarian menu that isn't pricey in 2014.

Be SAFE my Friends I wish each of You Wonderful Health & a Blessed~Loving Life
Thank you for your Prayers PLease share a funny video Dee. "I'm a Gummy Bear" song from the Gummy Bear movie. Also a Minnions video clip that makes you LOL !

I have a Grandma brain
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