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I've been up for almost 2 hours trying to help my son who is on the road. He left LA later than planned, early afternoon, hit bad traffic in Vegas and followed his GPS suggestion to reroute which means he is driving the southern route that brings him home almost the same route as a winter storm. Got to Albuquerque hotel in the wee hours (that DH found for him) but they had a power outage. He'll stop soon for sleep in Santa Rosa, NM. Tomorrow he'll have bad weather the whole way home. I'm trying to not stress. At least he has his dog for company.

Other than that, we have our family Christmas celebration at BIL's nearby late afternoon into evening. I'm working the closing shift and we are open extra late for the holiday shoppers. I'm hoping that if the weather is as bad as predicted my manager will let us close early.

I'll try to go back to bed for a while sometime today.

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