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Good morning to you all. Jack should be up any minutes and since I was up thought I would hurry up and post before he comes downstairs. He likes to read the news online as he eats his cereal. Slurp, slurp, slurp, but I have learned to live with it!

My younger sister is learning to knit and keeps texting me with questions. It is tough to answer some of them without being in front of her and also because I knit backwards to everyone else. I gave her a link to a great knitting help site and told her there are videos to help her. I have yet to not find a video for a stitch or whatever I need to learn. They are backwards for me, but I usually can get the idea.

I made my hair appt for next month so if they do surgery next month at least I have a good haircut and color. One of the things in the biopsy said I have endometrial polyps so I really need to have the thing removed I think. Of course, it has quit giving me trouble at the moment, which is great.

Jean: We have only received one Christmas card so far this year from our friends that cruised with us the first time and are thinking of going with us next year. I will eventually get one from Kelly and my niece that I made the hat always sends us one, but I used to get tons and people just don't send them out anymore or only send to those who send them one. Stamps have gotten so ridiculous for one thing. I won't be trying the pork chops as Jack wouldn't eat them with the ranch dressing in them. I don't think I could sneak them by him either.Though they have vetted whom they think is qualified for the job, they haven't even done the interviews for jack's promotion. He thinks they won't do anything until after the first of the year as the position is a created one and not one that is urgent.

Everyone have a great middle of the week. Time to test the blood sugar then get things started for the day. Faye

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