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Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's cold outside! I spent the morning doing laundry and a few more Christmas cards. Either everyone else is running late, too, or not sending them this year. I just made a trip to the hospital to turn in the stamper bill and stamper to be pitched. Now I need to start wrapping!

Maggie -- It is 30 degrees here right now, but feels like 15 because of the wind. Both jar recipes sound good! Good luck with doing WW online; you can do it! That's too bad the new meeting place has stairs; I'm sure there are others who are disappointed along with you. Bob had a hutch with glass doors made for his office to hold his toy tractors. I asked and he guessed he has around 40. I'm guessing more like 50. One is made of iron and has a man sitting on it; it was my uncle's when he was little. He also has an Oliver wall clock that was in his dad's shop and it was there when his grandfather had the business, so it's old too. He has 5, soon to be 4, farm tractors.

"Gma" -- You sure don't want to make a mistake by hurrying your sweater project. You have lots of time to get it done. Has the job position that Jack wanted been filled, or is it hurry up and wait to find out? There is a kid from Jason's class who is a radiologist in Mpls. He was part of a group and 3rd from the last hired. They let the last 3 go this fall, thanks to the unknowns of Obamacare. He has looked all over the U.S. and there just aren't many positions open for his experience level. January is going to be a bit scary, for the medical field, I think. If you try the pork chop recipe let us know how you like it. It sounds good!

I need to keep moving and work on Christmas! It will be here before we know it! Enjoy a terrific Tuesday!
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