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Good Evening, Coaches.

Well I proved two Beck principles this week. The first is that it DOES take tremendous amounts of time to eat healthy. I searched and searched the health food store to find my breakfasts and second meals for my trip to Disneyland. I literally bought an item, took it outside and tried it to decide if it was tolerable. I am hear to tell you, lots of "health" foods are yucky! Finally I found a terrific, airport friendly alternative to my usual breakfast: a travel pack of Justin's almond butter on top of a Kind bar - 10 grams of protein, fiber and tasty. Second meals will be nitrate free beef jerky, dark chocolate and homemade roasted pecans. It took me another hour to put everything in individual servings and then group in ziplocks. But it is done. Now I can relax and know two meals are already committed everyday. I can enjoy a fresh fruit snack and a restaurant meal everyday, as well.

Second Beck principlehe more you exercise your resistance muscle, the stronger it gets. I was desperate for sweets to take the edge off at work. But I resisted for hours. usually a craving will dissipate. Not this one. Five minutes before I left, I told myself "Well now you are leaving, you can take some with you." Good gravy. I did not and I can say I was OP today. No way would that have happened three months ago. I couldn't put two sweet-free days together.

Mike: I have my advantage cards typed in my reminder ap on my phone. They pop up everyday.
Pamatga: I like your other definition of Magic Bullet and agree there are none to be found with me and food.
LuLu: Of course we remember you. Welcome back.
Lexxiss: Huge credit for staying away from the ample holiday offerings being brought in.
BBE: Now, I find leftover turkey dry. What is your secret?
Formygirls: I bought a new "frocking" item and it is in my lowest size ever - fabulous silvery pants. Quite exciting.

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