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Hey LuLu - good to see your smiling face back here! Darn, I sure would have liked to be able to say I stuck with it and am close to my goal But still plugging away...

LONG workday today for me. Rushed home, scarfed down some leftovers from last night (did good at dinner, eating more than a third but less than half of my entree ... but in all honesty, it was LARGE) ... still have more leftovers remaining from the dinner, so will leave those for DH. Packing and doing laundry and worrying about my trip. Tomorrow looks fine but they're saying it's dicey getting out on Thursday due to the winter storm. I'm a big one on not borrowing worry, but boy oh boy I want to get home to my family in Florida. Mom was discharged yesterday evening and sounded okay when we spoke for a few minutes, then she got sick all of a sudden.

Flight is at 6 a.m., so alarm is set for 3:30 a.m. to get rolling and to the airport by 5, so just a brief note here.

+1 for me - stuck to my plan of leaving much of my entree last night - and today it's been a no-snacking day!

So close ... now so far!
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