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Originally Posted by EPAPRN View Post
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and advice. I'm going to try to stick with P3 in mIntenance and see where I go from there. I think the healthy fats once a day like avocado or cheese will be ok, I truly think it's the carbs.
I am sorry for the heartache you have gone through and then the back injury on top of that.

As for the regain questions, I too instantly started gaining in phase 3. For me it is no wheat ever, and I count the 2 pieces of fruit as my main carbs. Berries are the best choice for fruit as they have lots of fibre. I don't know why IP suggests the carbs at supper, I don't eat things like rice just to have an unnecessary carb.

I learned from the Art and Science of Low Carb Living that the body rebels with long time low cal, low carb and low fat. The thing that has to go up is healthy fats. To me that means a more liberal splash of olive oil, some almonds, but I do really have to watch myself with the nuts, the carbs in them add up pretty fast. The avocardo is an excellent choice.

I think many of us who turn to IP are super carb sensitive and have to work out maintenance to fit our particular metabolism.

For me it was a shock to come out of ketosis and realize how hungry I was going to be. I rapidly regained 10 pounds which I am slowly working off. It is slow but I have added some daily weight training. I wish I had read the Art and Science book earlier and realized I didn't have to be so hungry.

People who have no trouble with phase 3 seem to go on to maintain well. Those of us who start to gain at that phase need to figure out what long term plans will work better for us.

You are doing very well because you are keeping the regain at a lower number and working on it before it gets out of hand.

Make choices today that your future self will thank you for!
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