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Default MIA!

Hi Everyone! I apologize for being MIA. There has been lots of drama in my personal situation - so much so I did not get in to work until 5:00 p.m. on Thursday - which is the time I am suppose to go home!

I am still focussed despite all that and on target for my challenges - 3 of 4 ab workouts done and 4 of 4 treadmill workouts done!!! Still no processed foods have passed by lips and I have not touched the scale since Tuesday. I am feeling so good about that. This a.m. I increased my intensity on the treadmill by completing a 21 minute mile with ease. I am seriously considering working toward participating in the Run for the Cure in the spring.

RED - You Go!!! I am so happy for you - All your hard work is showing up everywhere! I got the conversion for your weight - but I will only post it if you want.

M.N.J. You are sooooo consistent - I hate squats - but I am going to have to join you when I start up my Bowflex workouts again next week. You keep it up and I may have to get inspired!

Everyone else - we are missing your posts!!! Keep on keepin' on!

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