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Lifestyle Changes
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I finally got a whoosh!

This morning I was down almost 4lbs. I did drop my calories to 1,800 only because I felt like it was reasonable, after losing 30lbs, and it's still a good amount to be eating. At 2,000 calories I was only losing 1lb a week and I felt like I was eating literally all the time. So now I get to eat a little less and lose a little more without, hopefully, starving to death, but it's been three days and I'm not chewing my own hand or anything.

So I've finally broken into the 250's and it is such a relief. I think my Christmas goal of being in the 240's is definitely possible, and my goal to be 199lbs sometime around May is completely do-able as well.

I know it shouldn't be all about the scale, and it isn't, but for someone my size some of it has to be about the numbers or my motivation would just die.

Anyways, I'm feeling pretty good today. I hope everyone else is moving along accordingly. I know the holidays can be rough but we've got this!

Edit: I just noticed that when I reach the 240's it'll also shift my "pounds to lose" from being in the hundreds to being in the 90's. WHOOO. It'll also put me in the 40lbs down category. WHOO AGAIN.

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