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Morning all,

Sorry I didn't get in last night. Had a few false starts and then kept getting interrupted. Had to go back to the dentist again yesterday. The impressions they are taking for fluoride trays for my teeth are not working out. I suspect my mouth is too small to get a good impression wide enough to make a proper tray. They have made 4 impressions so far and I told them if this one didn't work then to forget it. Not that they didn't try and they are super nice, I just think it's a losing battle and the cold goop on my teeth was very uncomfortable - too sensitive. I then went to physical therapy and had a new guy as the other two were off hunting. Deer season just opened which means life is put on hold up this way. I loved this new guy - he worked on my sore neck with enough pressure to work the knots but not an intensively painful deep tissue massage. I have one more session with him on Thursday. Afterwards I decided to pick up a few groceries to tide us over for the remainder of the week. I was going to go today but since I was already out and about yesterday, figured I'd take care of it. Glad I did as I am home today and tomorrow with total time to devote to my to do list which I'm barely making a dent in. Cleaned out both refrigerators, got the garbage and recycling out to the curb. Chatted with Mom last night as well as instant messaging Sis to firm up some plans. Watched one recorded TV show, cleaned the cat boxes and gave the cats some play time and it was time for this kid to go to sleep.

Michelle - I am very sorry to hear about your job loss. Especially since you had your hopes up that this would turn into a permanent gig. Just keep your spirits up and keep hunting. At least you are in a highly populated area which has more job opportunities than where you came from. for you. I'm glad your health numbers are improving. I was going to suggest perhaps if your step-mum is asking for gift ideas - maybe a session or two with a personal trainer who could show you a weight training program that would work with your delicate back would be beneficial. I say that because I am getting some helpful tips from the physical therapists and I know that weight training is really good on so many fronts - for muscles and bone density as well as overall health. One of the therapists is also recommending yoga too for keeping things stretched out. I didn't realize that tight leg muscles can contribute to bursitis flare ups. Yoga may also help your back too. Keep your chin up and I'm sure you will rebound quickly! I had to laugh at your comment about not bringing knitting needles on the plane - that surely must frustrate some coast to coast flying knitting fans. I wonder if you can bring a crochet hook? I am flying into Ohare by the way - that one had a direct flight - 90 minutes vs 4 and a half hours and a connection through Detroit or Minneapolis to get to Midway even though Midway is 6 miles from Mom's and Ohare is about 20 miles.

Laura - Sephora talks about all these "great" samples but many of them are for things you probably would not use and the samples are nothing more than a smear of something - not enough to really see the product like a small blotch of makeup to match color tone on your hand but not enough to do one application on your face or the equivalent of a postage sized stamp of a gauze square with an astringent/perfume sample/facial toner. I am not enticed by them any more. At least Aveeda's samples you can get 1 full application. I smiled slightly when you talked about your conversation with BF over the phone plan. I can totally relate to how that went down I hope you can find something reasonably priced. Phone plans are the new cable tv stone around the neck when it comes to pricing! So how well do the VHS tapes translate to CD? I know the old family movies are grainy but that's because of the quality of the recording medium. It's nice to be able to preserve some old favorites - I just replaced a few favorites with their CD counterparts. Was able to find some reasonably priced on half dot com.

Ceejay - I agree with the rules and regulations about flying. Fortunately I can get most of what I need at Target across the road from Mom's place so that minimizes what I have to take with me. I would not want to live a travelling life like Shad does - much more of a hassle when you have to travel for business and need certain things. I was happy to find that I can take my old time iPod - music only - no wireless to interfere with anything. I see that you are getting some chilly weather down your way. It's too early to get some flurries in the air. Hope you won't have an unseasonally cold winter. Have the trees started turning colors yet?

Annie - I had some roasted butternut squash at a restaurant and really wanted to make it at home. They had squash on sale at the store but they were all in a bin mixed up - several varieties and I didn't know what was butternut. I wound up bringing home a small acorn squash but I looked it up and now know what I should be looking for. How do you make yours? You're right about the Hickory Farm samples - one could make a luncheon just browsing the counters Ouch on getting another boo boo on your foot. Are the new sneakers hitting a sore spot?

Shad - it doesn't take very long to get desensitized to the cold weather. Sorry to hear you are dragging along. Don't worry about posting - just let us know you are still kicking around. Thanks for the update with Carla. I am disappointed in the lack of communication too so hopefully A will talk with Carla.

Ok - the day's a wasting away - better put on my busy shoes and get moving here.
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