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Originally Posted by siusaidh View Post
I also did HMR for many years before finding Ideal Protein. I lost ~50lbs with HMR, but couldn't really face another shake/entree at some point. I took a break. Over the 6 years, I went back to HMR a couple of times, but ended up gaining about 25lbs back. I find Ideal Protein easier.
Wow thanks. I went back to HMR recently but I was NOT losing. And I realized that I was SICK of the food. I also lost 50 with HMR. Before I gain any back, I want to get the rest off. The last time I went to HMR... they weirdly insisted I eat even more food than when I lost the first time. Also, lots of it was carb heavy. The carb heavy foods were the only ones that I could stomach anymore.

So I think this could work for me for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it will be a challenged and the food will be different. It isn't that the HMR food is bad, but after a few years.. you get sick of it.
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