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Originally Posted by dak1lls View Post
. The supplements are important, so I recommend you take them.
Well, I don't mean to imply I won't take the large majority of them. But I have a pretty complete multi, a magnesium supplement, a vitamin D supplement and some others. I personally am NOT a believer in calcium so i try to keep that on the low side, and would not like to take a calcium supplement. For the Omega three supplement... I never take that... and what I really have a problem with is the MASSIVE PILLS. If it means possibly choking to death I will go with a bit of a nutrient deficiency. And frankly since my protein source is likely to be fish / salmon, I am guessing that will do a lot to help.

But, we will see. Why does every diet plan have these massive pills... obviously that will turn people off.

I previously was on a pretty hard core similar plan.. HMR. So I am confident my body can handle the cut back in calories.

Typically low carb diets have worked wonders for me before. But the issue was that I could never say on them for long because it was so hard getting the food. (especially when you work and are out of the house for most of your meals).

But I worry about her as the coach. She seemed a little ... firm. Sometimes i like firm but sometime I get sick of it. She told one too many stories of dieters that were messing up ONE small thing and not losing. If the diet is so fragile that a few mints at lunch can derail you.. well it might not be for me. But I have a feeling she is a "blamer" and if you don't lose weight she will blame you.. didn't like that.

But the cost seems to be PER week and her place is so close to where I live, it is just down the street. Perhaps after 8 weeks or so I could go out on my own.

I really appreciate the feedback. I have a lot of hope.
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