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Originally Posted by Suzanne 3FC View Post
Hi bnates, welcome to 3FC

I have never heard of success story from this product that wasn't a hidden advertisement intended to earn a commission.

I agree, it's much too expensive to invest in if it isn't going to work. Honestly, it it really worked, people would be bouncing off the walls to spread the word, without anything to gain in return. Our doctors would recommend it, it would be on CNN, etc.

My personal advice is to avoid this and all products like it. At the end of the day, successful weight loss is achieved through what we eat and what we expend, and not from weight loss products.

If you get a chance, please browse some of our diet forums to see what works for others. Also check out our Goal forum, which holds success stories. You'll notice that none of them include diet products, just food plans and exercise.

Good luck
Thanks so much Suzanne! I think your right. I started pondering saving for it... but, you are absolutely right... if it really worked...I'd be finding way more positive feedback that does not look "advertisement like." I guess it's easy to fall into the web of marketing ploys when you want something so badly that you're willing to give up that much money. For me... and for many others I am sure, it means giving up presents I'd like to get my kids...or other things for my family. I simply cannot afford it.

Over the last five days, I have stopped eating after six pm and do not eat before 8 am. I have lost a pound so far just doing that... and my clothes are already fitting better because I am way less bloated all of the time.

Thanks for the advice... I will check out the rest of the forums as soon as I can. I have browsed some of them... just have to keep looking as I find the time. I appreciate the sincerity .

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