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Well, I was a little disappointed with my first visit. She hit me with the non-negotiable that I would need these particular vitamins. The thing is, they are massive pills and I can't take those. We are going to have another appointment later to see if what I have in on my own cabinet will be an ok substitute. I have a feeling that they won't be ... and I am debating if I should just sign up and buy them and then not take them... just to get the food. I only have 20 lbs to lose so if I lose say 7 lbs per month I could be done in like 4 months. (or less)... there is just NO Way I can take those Omega 3 pills

We will see.

The clinic as it were, is a chiropractor. So... not exactly medical.

The pricing seemed a bit much but I had trouble figuring out what the real cost was.

She said the food was about 85 each week. The vitamins were about $100 for the entire plan and her fee was about $150 for the entire plan, but when we tried to figure it out for the entire cost, she kept like seemingly getting confused... and saying other things. That worried me a bit. She probably should write it down.
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