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Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it feels like 35 degrees outside. The cat hater neighbor is out mowing leaves and we have three huge trees still full of leaves; Bob is hoping they blow next door when they finally drop. I don't know about the rest of the ringers, but I managed to get through my part of the bell choir piece without screwing it up. We played chimes along with the bells and right in the middle was "Taps" -- sort of a dumb arrangement imo. I have NO ambition to do anything today and could really use a nap.

Maggie -- I just saw a recipe for an interesting muffin (?) -- you make a brownie mix and a cookie recipe (they looked like chocolate chip); put a Tbsp. of brownie and top with a Tbsp. of cookie dough in the muffin cup. I think I read the egg hint somewhere along the line. I figure if the eggs have been in the refrigerator I can use them a bit past the date on the carton. We did enjoy the program last night. It's nice to recognize the lyrics! This must be a new "bunch" because none of them looked too "old."

I have laundry to haul downstairs so best get at it. I remember my grandma washing on Monday, ironing on Tuesday, etc., etc., etc. Banks are closed here tomorrow so we are counting at church on Tuesday. I may go ahead and pick up the gift shop money though, just to have that done.
Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and evening!

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