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I've been there, overwhelmed, down, and a lifetime procrastinator. The one thing I've found that helps me is to do things in 5 or 10 minute segments. Might be just grab a trash bag and go through a pile of stuff. Put it away or toss it for 10 minutes. It's amazing how much crap we have that we don't need. Other times it's 5 minutes to make appts, pay a bill, or 10 minutes to do stuff on the 'puter. Carry a kitchen timer in your pocket and don't try to do big things all at once. Stuffs been needing to be done for ages it doesn't have to be completely done now, but if you chip away at it, and don't add to it, you'll be surprised how much disappears/gets done in even a couple weeks.

I've gotten really good at answering my own questions such as: "When was the last time you used this? Are you really going to read this again? By the time this fits will it be in style or just moth eaten? A lot is Fly Lady stuff and/or the guy that used to be on TLC saying "If it's of value to you why is it under the bed rather than displayed for you to enjoy?

Believe me. My life is nowhere near perfect but I feel a bit better about it every time I take a tiny step to make it easier.

Huge hugs to you my friend.
Oh.... and set that timer for 15 minutes a day to be good to yourself, a soak in the tub, a good read or buy yourself a pretty flower just to brighten your day.
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