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Funny, Deb, I was just thinking that looking at that end-of-year goal was motivational. Then I got extremely stressed (on top of already being depressed) and lost it and binged on cookies, something I haven't done in a while.

So, technically, I should be done eating for the day, but that's not realistic. I'll have to be as conservative as I can and then try to make up more ground tomorrow and the next day.

I did spend some time today culling some books from the shelves in my office. Part of the problem in the office is that I don't have any place to put anything, because my storage space is full, and so I need to clean out space so I can have a place to store things that are currently sitting around.

I guess part of my depression has to do with the way I've allowed disorganization to creep into every aspect of my life: email, calendar, office, home, car, computers, online presence, even doctor's appointments. I'm currently overdue for appointments with my GP, eye doctor, ear specialist, and dentist. Oh, and I owe two different graduate students my special attention. So it's hard to know where to start. Anywhere seems trivial--cleaning books off the shelves seems ridiculous given everything I need to do. But, I guess I did also catch up with some email, though not nearly all.

Anyway, I guess i'll just keep moving forward and hope that something I do is worth doing.

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