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Great Job Running!

CherryPie, I'm in awe! If I ever get up to running that much, I think it would only be in marathon training.

About my 5k yesterday... I'm still annoyed about the "you did so great we don't have a medal for you because we didn't order one" They said they'd have it made and mail it to me but still

I did two 5ks a weekend for several weekends in a row(I think 6) until I decided if one is fun two is not necessary more fun Besides I need my Sundays for a long run.

I did a long run in a park about 30 minutes from me. It was amazing. Its a forest so tons of trees, very little traffic(saw a few cyclists), and the changing colors on the leaves were just beautiful! I'm from VT so this was the closest I was going to get to Fall up there. Oh, and did I mention hills! This park has mega hills! I ran up and down several with a few flats mixed in. My husband had friends camping there so I used mapmyrun to decide my route and he dropped me off and I finished 7.5 miles at the camp.

Slight foot pain in formally injured foot(plantar fasciitis like). Probably due to the constant up and down motion on the hills. Its time to switch shoes I think too.
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