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Originally Posted by Wahoofan View Post
Today marks 6 complete weeks on IP. I am completely OP with the exception of some added fat. At my 5 week WI in was down 30 lbs and am thrilled.

Normally I have my breakfast shake at 9am when I get to work. Yesterday it was 11 am before I was even slightly hungry. I had a vanilla RTD at 11, 2 oz grilled chicken on spinach and greens salad with bottled Italian dressing (1 gram carb per serving and I use less than one full serving) at 1:30, half an orange dream at 4, a chocolate RTD at 6, and 4 oz chicken sauteed in coconut oil with 1 cup of cauliflower rice (the weight is similar to 2 cups of florets) sauteed in butter at 9pm. I had 9 cups of water throughout the day.

I can't find anything wrong with what I ate yesterday and yet today I am COMPLETELY starving. Stomach growling starving. I've had 8 cups of water already today, a chocolate RTD at 8:30, a vanilla RTD when the growling started at 11, a cup of hot tea, and now I'm working on my chicken soup blended with 2 cups of broccoli.

Do other people just get randomly hungry? So far while in ketosis my stomach has not growled once, until today. It isn't TOM.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I have learned so much from all of you lurking here the past 6 weeks.
are you getting in the 4 cups of veggies? I nibble on cucumbers, green peppers, and raw broccoli throughout the day. And remember Lettuce is a freebie! You can eat more than one green salad a day.

I was like that yesterday so I'm trying to abate it by having a salad for both lunch and dinner. Good luck to you!
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