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Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it's cold outside! The Weather Bug says it is 36 with a wind chill of 24! We balanced on the first try at church this morning. There was extra money from a rummage sale but we didn't have the auction money. I hope somebody responsible took it home with them because we couldn't find it. I just stopped to pick up the gift shop money and have that to count. I need to vacuum and dust -- the angle the sun is coming in my windows shows what I haven't dusted in awhile.

Maggie -- I finally told the Schwans guy not to come any more. I don't cook much during harvest and I noticed their prices had gone up. I know they are good but I don't have a lot of freezer space to stock up. How long will it take you to drive to CA?

"Gma" -- I asked for Christmas ideas when we were with the kids Saturday. They all looked at me like I had two heads! With Ian's birthday in November I like to start shopping before the rush if possible. I told Bob to plan on a Sioux City trip, to shop, after harvest is finished. I think a maintain after vacation is good!

I need to count money and get it to the bank this morning. Bob is farming and they hope to finish so they can move back to the home place before it rains. Enjoy your day and keep warm!
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