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You never know what internal demons keep a person on a self destructive path or how hard they are actually fighting mentally and physically to change (mentally and physically). You only see their lack of results and the lack of changes visible to you.

I was told something very similar to this many times by college and graduate psych professors, by supervisors when I was working in law enforcement and social services as a probation officer and as a counselor and case manager.

It's easy to feel sympathy and compassion for sweet and socially successful people. Not so easy to feel compassion for people who don't seem to get even the most basic of social skills, but eventually I got the hang of it, and in the process, learned more compassion for myself as well.

It's still frustrating when others (especially loved ones, family and friends) don't live up to my hopes for them, but I'm sure I disappoint them regularly too.

I don't let myself waste my time with that kind of frustration for others or myself. I try to just assume that we all are doing the best that we can for now, and leave it at that.

I know I had many, many years of trying much harder to change than others gave me credit for. I'd rather assume the best of others, because it's what I'd like to think others are doing for me.
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