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Good Evening, Flowers! It's been another yucky day with snow showers all morning. The wind makes it even colder. I worked in the gift shop this morning and made a WM stop on my way home. Once I've been gone I hate to start any major projects when I get home, besides I had bell practice later this afternoon. Several complained about being so tired today and we decided to blame it on the weather!

Susan -- Thanks for starting the new thread! Since you're not sharing your warm weather with me, I'm not going to send you any snow flakes! So There!

Maggie -- I'm sure listening to your neighbor's dog bark gets old. There is one in our neighborhood but I'm not sure just where it is. I think it only barks when left outside because it's not a constant. Maybe I just don't notice it now with the windows and doors shut tight.

"Gma" -- Welcome home! I thought sure you would check in while you were gone. I'm glad the weather was nice since I know you were a bit worried about that. on losing #s while you were gone! That is a nice bonus! Nice picture of you and Jack!

Guess I will read a bit and head for bed. Don't know why I am so tired but I am, and I don't want to fall asleep in front of the tv. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

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