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nice job! I love workouts that make me feel like that because it shows you went at it hard

good attitude, one mistake won't stop you. keep at it!

I would stick to the lower calorie stuff and try not to snack on lots of items. May be bring your own snacks and drink lots of water. Oh, and have FUN!

Riestrella: you're sick, it's not a fail! I have my first official 10k this Sunday. I started coughing today, and I feel like I might be getting sick. I don't know if I should run if I do get sick. Ugh, hopefully I'll be fine.

wow, 5.5 lbs? that's awesome.

woot woot, I've also started Insanity. it's so hard for me, but I like it.
I actually saw 141 after staying in the 143-145 zone for like a few weeks. So excited that I may see a 3 in that middle number I'm feeling a little sick, but hopefully I don't get sick. I was planning on playing hooky on Friday to go to Six Flags this Friday. But, I may actually be sick! lol. Good luck everyone.
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