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I wanted to add that you did and do not have to share anything about yourself that you do not wish to. However the less you mention, the less likely responses to your post will apply to your situation.

I also see that I did make one other assumption I forgot to address. OF COURSE I assumed that you didn't have an in-depth conversation with your doctor, because if you had, why on earth would you believe a random website over your physician?

Also, while many websites suggest starting with 5 minutes, it's usually stated as a suggestion, not as a strict mandate and the 1 minute increase per week is NOT common advice (and again, even if it were, your doctor would still be a better source of information than any website that knows nothing about you).

Depression and other mental health issues can make it difficult to clearly assess the value of advice you might hear or read. Unless the source of the recommendations come from a health professional who knows you well, most of the advice will be of little or no use to you.

This site is a great place to get opinions, but that's all they are. None of us can know enough about you to guarantee good advice.

Ask your doctor if there's a reasoon you should start with 5 minutes and not more. If the doctor already told you where to start, then start there.

Or just do what is comfortable. It's hard to hurt yourself with low impact exercise like swimming, walking, and cycling done at a leisurely pace, but that is ASSUMING you have no physical limitations.

But again, your doctor or even your psychiatrist (if you have one) is a more reliable resource than random strangers and weight loss websites.

I have a master's degree in psychology and have studied (to a limited degree) exercise physiology for sedentary and disabled, but you have no proof of that, AND I don't know enough about you to give better advice than your doctor.

You've been given good advice (even if you discount everything I have said) but it isn't better advice than you could and should be getting from your doctor, counselor, or psychiatrist.

The rest of us are just strangers and website bloggers with opinions. Not a bad place to start BEFORE talking to your doctor, but if you've already talked to your doctor, then follow his or her advice.
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